Reklama “krizės metu”

Iš 1970 m. pasirodžiusios knygos “From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor” (p. 122):

“Maybe we’re in the middle of a recession and we don’t know it. Advertising people can usually predict a recession a lot sooner than the rest of the country. I know when the economy is going to get a little rotten and I can smell it because the advertisers slowly start to pull back. Agency presidents start to get a little more nervous than usual, and the whole pullback works its way down to the copywriters who won’t get hired.”
Taigi ekonmikos Šulijos (reklamščikai), recesijoj sėdim, ar dar ne? :)

Iš tikrųjų tai šitas įrašas buvo sneak-peakas į šios labai smagios knygos apžvalgą. Krizės metu.

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